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Surfd is your gateway to high-speed website hosting, a captivating array of game server options, and top-notch domain reselling services. Our cutting-edge hosting panel isolates your website from all others sharing the server, and our DNS server will seamlessly integrate with cloudflare if you would prefer their services for DNS.

Web Hosting

Discover our swift and hassle-free web hosting solutions designed to simply work. With prices beginning at just R300 per year, that's a mere R25 per month!


Explore our domain reselling services encompassing renowned extensions like and .com.
Our domains kick off at a mere R95 per year, lower than what you might find with other providers.

Game Servers

Elevate your gaming experience with Surfd as we offer a diverse range of game server hosting options. Our most affordable plans start at just R40 per month. Experience gaming excellence with our servers boasting an impressive 99.5% uptime and ample resources to power your games.